Friday, February 22, 2008

know top world hackers(from india)

Posted by Vishnureddy at 3:04 PM

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nothing but hacking

You must be knowing about Ankit Fadia……He is now the greatest hacker in the world….

Some years years ago he was not a very good hacker…..

he knew hacking but he was not a certified hacker….

He was not having his own personal computer….

One night, he visited his friend cyber cafe and there he spend whole night sitting on computer……….

As we all know that Microsoft has a large worldwide network across every country……

Ankit Fadia hacked this network………on that night….

he also hacked microsoft website….

After hacking all communication system he was then able to receive all the important mails being tranfers across the country…. by microsoft…..

Microsoft does a lot of research and founded that this hacking has been done in some where in India….

Than it was founded that it was done from Delhi…….

Than it was founded that it was done from that cyber cafe…..when it was asked that who was sitting on PC whole night than it was founded that it was ankit fadia….

Bill Gates give an option to Ankit Fadia to go to jail or join Microsoft….

he joined Microsoft and then he became a certified hacker and then he became very famous…….

This is the short story of the Greatest hacker in the World Ankit Fadia…….


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