Friday, February 25, 2011

Airtel Free GPRS Trick

Posted by Unknown at 9:00 PM

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 hi frnz to get free Gprs  follow these steps:
Now after downloading and installing the software provided above, all you have to do is to run it and then enter the text in the fields one by one as given in the images below.
Airtel Free GPRS Trick : August 2010 !
Airtel Free GPRS Trick : August 2010 !
Airtel Free GPRS Trick : August 2010 !
Now after entering the text as mentioned above, you may press Ok and then it will start applying the tweaks and it will install on its own.
Airtel Free GPRS Trick : August 2010 !
Once you are done with the installation, Type the site you want to visit and you will have to allow Opera mini to use your GPRS and select “Mobile Office” in that. Now pressOk and you will be ready to go! You may check the screenshot below taken while browsing.
Airtel Free GPRS Trick : August 2010 !Airtel Free GPRS Trick : August 2010 !
You are done! Now you should be able to surf and download for free. I hope you will enjoy this share and please feel free to share this trick to whoever you want.

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