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It is possible to change Start Menu to use small  icons inWindows 7 and Vista. If you don’t like to use large icons in Windows Vista or want to change the medium sized icons in Windows 7 to small, you can easily change the settings. Many people know how to change the icon setting to “small” in Windows 7 but this setting is hidden in Windows Vista. For this reason, it is simpler to change the setting in Windows 7. Nonetheless, the method to change the icon size to small in Vista is not hard at all. Follow these steps to change Start Menu to use small icons in Windows 7 and Vista:

Windows 7:

Right-click on the Start Menu button.

Click on Properties.

The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box will appear. Select the Taskbar tab.

Check the box for Use Small Icons under Taskbar appearance and now click on Apply.

Windows Vista:
Right-click on the Start button.

Click on Properties.

The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box will appear. Choose the Start Menu tab.

Click on the Customize button.

The Customize Start Menu dialog box will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the box and uncheck the box for “Use large icons”.

If you know how to change the Start Menu to use small icons in Windows 7 and Vista, it can prove very useful if you like to pin a lot of favorites to the Start Menu.


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