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Sometimes, you might have thought to remove the under icon text of your Desktop Icons as it looks quite annoying especially for the kind of icons like, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, iTunes, Windows Media Player etc. Nowadays, the Icons represent the program quite nicely, especially in the OS like Windows 7 & Vista, there is a very less need to have under icon text.

So, to remove the under icon text, there is a quite nice and very less talked about shortcut, that allows you to remove the under icon text quite nicely.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to remove the "Under Icon Text"

Press Alt+255

* Right click on the icon
* Select option "Rename"

* Then press "Alt+255"
(Remember that while pressing 255, the "numlock" should be on and use side dedicated number keys, rather than using the number keys located above the keyboard. In the case of some laptops not having the dedicated number keys, can use the above number keys by turning on the "Numlock")

* That's all.
* Now the icon should look like,

The Icon without Text

* If you want to revert the changes made, just right click icon and rename it.
(You will need to provide administrator password the  or permission to do so.)

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