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Java™ After Hours: 10 Projects You'll Never Do at Work

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Java™ After Hours: 10 Projects You'll Never Do at Work
By Steven Holzner
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: June 08, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32747-3
Pages: 336


1. Making Fish Swim in the Multithreaded Aquarium
2. Slapshot! The Interactive Hockey Game
3. The Graphicizer Image-Editing and Conversion
4. Creating Stunning Graphics with Painter
5. Chatting on the Internet with the Chat Room
6. Who's There? Logging Access to Your Website with WebLogger
7. Running Any Program Via Remote Control with the Robot
8.Creating a Custom Web Browser in Java: The Browser Project
9. Typing Across the Internet: The Intercom Project
10. Getting a Graphical Weather Forecast: The Forecaster Project


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