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RedTacton What's RedTacton? Three Features Applicable Fields Technology Note Prototypes Contact
Applicable Fields
One-to-one services
Intuitive operation
New behavior patterns
Security applications
Communication in new domains
Five major application fields using RedTacton are introduced.
One-to-one services
Enable one-to-one services tailored to the user's situation and tastes.
- Attribute information recorded in the RedTacton device is sent to the touched objects.
- The appropriate service is provided based on the attribute information received by the RedTacton receiver.
Elimination of human error
Applicable Fields
An alarm sounds automatically to avoid accidental medicine ingestion
- RedTacton devices embedded medicine bottles transmit information on the medicines' attributes. If the user touches the wrong medicine, an alarm will trigger on the terminal he is carrying.
- The alarm sounds only if the user actually touches the medicine bottle, reducing false alarms common with passive wireless ID tags, which can trigger simply by proximity.
Examples of similar applications
- Alert and contact record at medical, long-term care, and childcare facilities.
- Avoidance of risk at construction sites (an alarm sounds if special equipment is handled by anyone other than supervisors)
Marketing applications (context awareness)
Touch advertising and receive information
- When a consumer stands in front of an advertising panel, advertising and information matching his or her attributes is automatically displayed.
- By touching or standing in front of items they are interested in, consumers can get more in-depth information.
Applicable Fields
Examples of similar applications
- Brochures only of products of interest to the visitor can be downloaded automatically at trade shows.
- Inside a shop, shoppers can view related information on their mobile terminals immediately after touching a product.
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