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Test consisted of 7 papers and 90 questions :

1) Verbal
2) Comprehension
3) Aptitude
4) Mental ability
5) C or C++(u can choose the paper to write)
6) Data Structures,os concepts,8085 concepts(interrupts)
7) Letter Writing

1) In verbal, Questions came from GRE verbal and some basic questions in english.

2) For Comprehension, some times they may give one passage and they will collect the passage and they will give the questions later. So make note of important things in the passage before.

3) For Aptitude, go through the Quantitative aptitude by R.S.Agarwal.

4) For C paper, they concentrate more on pointers. So be prepared with that. Better go thru Exploring C book.

5) For mental ability, the questions may be like 2+3*4/5, + will be replaced by * , * will be replaced by -, you have to find the answer by replacing that.

6) In Data Structures, They will give the code, you have to find whether it is preorder traversal or post order traversal, binary tree or binary search tree.And u have some questions on Deadlock concept in operating systems. And some questions on interrups.

7) In letter writing he gave a scenario that u have planned to meet some old friend in ur village whom u have met long back and now he is going to leave for states and u didnt get leave to meet ur friend bcoz u have got some urgent work to do.write a letter convincing him about ur situation appologizing.And saying that we continue our friendship in the same way.(better write essay with pencil so that u can make modifications in scentence construction or in essay!)

Once u get thru exam interview is easy.

Technical interview is mostly on ur project, ur areas of intrests(subjects), some puzzles like the one i have faced in how many weighs(least possible) u could find the heaviest ball among 9 balls(same looking) out of which one is heaviest given a common balance on whic u can weigh both sides(answer is 2 try it !) and C, microprocessor, searching, sorting techniques etc.
Be honest in saying that u dont know the ones u really dont know or forgotten ones.

For Hr interview its a formal talk. Be cool and answer.

Here is the pattern of Flex on 14 July '06. I don't remember all the questions.

SECTION 1 - Verbal
It includes very simple english. 3 questions on the correct usage of a, an, the, for, to. (15 questions in 10 minutes). It was very easy. Key is to be calm and attempt it. I was able to complete in 7 mins.

3 pattern matching questions like 3 digits are given and find out which 3 are similar. Then general maths like if * is replaced by -, - is replaced by + , + is replced by / and / is replaced by *. then whcih is true.
The only good questions from this sections was
---There is a red cube and it is cut into 12*12*12 small cubes. Now corner columns of front face is taken out and remaining structure is painted black. Now 5 questions were there to calculate no of cubes having 1,2,3 red faces and 1,2,3 black faces.

A passage on USB was given. It was taked from howstuffworks.com. As I was having good knowledge of USB, I did 8 of 10 questions without having a look on passage and rest 2 were also easily answered.

SECTION 4 -- ENGLISH (Don't remember the heading)
It was having very easy general english. At end there was a RC on SQL. RC was very easy and I was able to answer without even reading it.

SECTION 5 -- TECH (They gave choice between C and C++/OS)
I selected C as there was no added benefit for taking the tough paper. 20 questions in 20 mins. Questions were of particular cases.
Though some were very easy but around 10 of them were like that you can't apply general rules to them. You should be aware of what happenes in that particular case.

SECTION 6 -- E-Mail writing
You are tech executive of a telecom company. You are known for your excellent customer services. One customer has written that ha is facing problems. He also wrote ealier and got no response. Write an email to him apaologizing for that and offering him support.


Tech Interview - 1
It was for 1 hour and 1 mins. At the very begining he gave me 12 C questions and asked me to write the output. Meanwhile He asked me other topic pf my interest. I said networking. As I did 11 correct he delayed the discussion of the wrong answered question to last. He jumped to Networking. What I noticed was that the more you tell them, the more they will go to depth. For my case, He asked the difference between Hubs, Switches, Routers. Also gave 12 protocols and asked me to match them to OSI Model. Then he asked the indepth working of IP, ARP, RARP. Then he asked the indepth processing when you have got a new computer and what happens when you try to contact yahoo.com. In depth means that getting IP from DHCP then working of DHCP, how all 7 layers are involved, then how frame moves to router. He even jumped to routing protocols and there working.

I don't know why he went to so depth with me. Others were limited to C. But that was a must. (1h, 15mins)

Tech Interview - 2
He again asked networking but with much more depth. They were having excellent coordinations. The second tech interviewer was having even the rough sheets of mine from 1st tech interview. May be he wanted to test dpeth of knowledge. I answered first 2 questions and then he asked me 4 terms that I never heard. I said I don't know. Then he asked me to write 2 progs. in C
1. There are arranged nos from 1 to 10 in an array and 1 number is replaced by 0. Find it.
2. Use bit wise operators to find whether a number is power of 2 or not?
(45 mins)

HR Interview
If you have cleared earlier 2 rounds then it is just a formality. It was just of 10 mins having general questions about educational background, why you wanna join Flex etc...

Love to hear what you think! Thanks Would make us Smile :)

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