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Beeps-what will u understand when you pc give different beeps

Posted by Vishnureddy at 6:30 PM

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hii today i want to explain you the beep story........

some times when we start our computer,we hear some beeps liek single,double ...a multiple some times..

what is the meaning of every beep 

today v2tricks helps you to know what is the meaning of beeps which come while we start our computer

One Beep :
DRAM refresh failure
This may be due to - Bad memory chips
->> A bad DMA Chip
->> Bad memory addressing chips on the motherboard

Two Beeps :

Parity error or Parity Circuit failure
->>Your memory may not be seated properly on the mother board.
->>Unplug and plug it properly

Three Beeps :->>Bad memory or bad mother board

Four beeps :->>Timer failure in the RAM.

Five Beeps :->>CPU chip may be dead

Six Beeps :-->>Keyboard controller may have failed

Seven beeps :->>CPU is dead. Retry the connections and test.
                                     ->>Replace the whole motherboard.

Eight Beeps :-->>Video card is missing or Bad.

Nine Beeps :-->>Damaged ROM BIOS.
                                  -->>BIOS chip has to be replaced if it persists.

Ten Beeps :-->>CMOS shutdown.
                               ->>Replace CMOS memory and associated chips.

Eleven Beeps :-->>Cache memory test has failed.
                                     ->>To enable cache memory try CTRL+ALT+SHIFT++.

One long Beep and Three short Beeps:--->>>Memory failure

One long Beep and Eight short Beeps :
--->>>Video card failure.
->>>Try to install video card in another slot.

No Beeps :

->>Remove all cards except video card and check for system power up  

         ->>If system hangs on the installation of a particular card, then it is the cause 
              for  the problem and replace it with another of that type and check

->>Check mother board connections
->>Insert all cards one at a time and check their operation.

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