Saturday, August 22, 2009

Find how your Future baby looks like

Posted by Vishnureddy at 11:01 AM

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Yes this is a great tool i ever found on web. As the technology develops we get lots of tools day by day. But this tool is really a miracle. This works on advanced face detection technology.

make babies picture online v2tricks

Steps to follow :

  • First go to makemebabies

  • Upload your photo first.

  • then it ask to crop up to face.

  • crop your photo up to face and then click next

  • then it will ask you to upload your partners or friend’s or any celebs photo.

  • do it and it will ask you to crop it up to face.

  • select a name and frame for your little baby.

  • say proceed that's it your future baby picture is ready

Love to hear what you think! Thanks Would make us Smile :)

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