Sunday, August 2, 2009

speed up your pc by using simple software

Posted by Vishnureddy at 10:14 PM

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Now a days many computers are being connected with network.
people who take internet connection newly naturally download lots of usefull and useless stuff.
advanced users how ever clean their cache and junk from  their computer but normal users are not aware of it.
some files like
*indexed dat files 

* registry issues

*all junk like last downlaoded locations

*unused files extenions

*lots more 
cleaning all those things makes your computer fast and clean much space ofcourse.
to clean all those things we dont need to go for manually work by typing temp in run and deleting all files in it.

just use a software called 
cc cleaner.

you can find the software for free here 

this software is usefull for every computer user.this will surely show u difference.and makes your meachine run like never before.

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