Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to Check Multiple Email Addresses for New E-Mail At Once-on yahoo or gmail or aol

Posted by Vishnureddy at 4:51 PM

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i have 4 primary emails one is on gmail for my blogger blogs and adsense.

2nd one is on gmail for my friends and orkut.

3rd one is  on yahoo for facebook newsletters and sign ups and publishing and submitting my blog to directories and etc

4rth is on yahoo for my blog readers and advertisers

so daily i will open all 4  emails and from my browser typing user name and password  for all four.
this really consume lot of time and i need to enter all 4 user names and passwords by logging in and logging out,but its really important for me.
so i have searched for a desktop email client to do all that work from my desktop with less time and setting up all my emails with  single software.and at last i found one it really works well .it is


 this desktop email client is devoloped by yahoo.a trust worthy software for you to use.

"All Your Email Accounts in One Place

Zimbra Mail. Yahoo! Mail. Gmail. AOL. They all work automatically in Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop; even Outlook or any other work or personal email account using POP or IMAP is easy to set up. The best part—you can read them offline without an internet connection when you are in "airplane" mode".for  More. information go to zimbra desktop features  page

so i thought there are many people who use multiple email adresses for different reasons like friends family,jobs,etc
so to check all of them in one click i thought this will be the best software to use.

Hope you enjoyed the post. cheers @btechneeds

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