Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 Golden & simple tips to speed up your pc

Posted by Vishnureddy at 8:36 PM

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Speed ,yeah...!! we need it,it is mandatory for us in our daily computing life.but some simple problems make our pc run over come these problems.follow these steps below,you can surely feel diffrence.

may be these are basic steps for advanced users but it helps a lot

1)De-fragment your drives

if you dont know how to defragment read below

  • go to my computer 
  • right click on any drive
  • select properties

  • navigate to Tools tab
  • select deframent drive option

do it for all drives.

if it is first time for your pc then it may take long time to do.but don't neglect this helps a lot.

2)clean all unwanted temp files and junk from your pc

usually we dont care all these temp files etc but these things really slow up our pc

use these free softwares to do all these works

use these software's to clean up temp

use any of these softwares daily.

3)REMOVE ALL UNWANTED PROGRAMS and some other tips

removing all unwanted programs dramatically improves your pc speed.

try removing large programs which u dont use them often.

if u use a program once in 40  days or 30 days its good to remove it and install when ever you use(in case if it is too good for ur ram and pc)

use registry optimizers to optimize registry and fix broken dll's etc

some hard disks run very slow in opening files etc,it means your hard disk is about to dead.if u concerned for speed you need to change the hard disk and keep your old hard disk as secondary data storage.this will help in speeding up as well as large room for files in your pc.

if you have not installed operating system from years its too good to format your pc and install operating system

check for viruses and spyware also clean up all drives by freeing up unwanted files.

all these tips will definitely increase your computer speed.

Love to hear what you think! Thanks Would make us Smile :)

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