Monday, December 7, 2009

'Aarya-2' Secrets: How Director Tortured Producer ??

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New secrets are getting revealed after the release of Aarya-2. As the people those watched Aarya 2 know how Allu Arjun tortures Navadeep on screen, in actual scene director Sukumar tortured producer Aditya Babu by all means, say unit members and the people those were involved in this movie.

It is said that the director has signed on a two film agreement with Aditya Babu earlier (Jagadam was already made as one of the two). Initially, Aarya-2 is supposed to be made by Dil Raju. But as per the agreement Sukumar was forced to make it in the production of Aditya Babu.

But Sukumar squeezed Aditya Babu fully by making him invest hugest possible budget on this film. The duration taken for completing this project is also very long. Sources say that the money invested on this film will not come back by any means, despite the film turns a miraculous hit!!! Some stories between directors and producers happen so, indeed.


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