Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Use Your Computer Hard Disc As RAM

Posted by Vishnureddy at 12:06 PM

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These days manufacturer's have  dramatically decreased  price of ram's (random access memory).in spite of price we also need some time to buy new ram and fix it.we have to do some shopping etc.

but how it will be if we use our hard disk as virtual memory helping existing ram to boost up.
this tutorial gives you complete step by step procedure how to do that.

quite simple of-course ...couple of mouse clicks away..check em out.

procedure :

1. Go to computer and Right Click on My Computer & go to Properties

2. Navigate to  Advanced Tab and choose Settings in the Performance Section.

3. Again Select  "Advanced" Tab in  "Performance Options" window. On the advanced tab, click the "Change" button in the "Virtual memory" section.

4. Comprehend the implications of the virtual memory settings. On the "Virtual Memory" window, the "initial size" is the minimum amount of hard drive space Windows will allocate to virtual memory. The "maximum size" is the largest size to which Windows will allow your virtual memory to grow. If you set this setting too low and Windows requires more virtual memory than the maximum, Windows will likely crash or freeze and you will need to reboot. Thus, you should select (or keep the selection as) "System managed size." By allowing Windows to manage the virtual memory, Windows will increase and decrease the size of the virtual memory as-needed. It is not recommended under any circumstances to select "No paging file" because this can cause system instability.

5. Choose your virtual memory settings. On the "Virtual Memory" screen, you may modify your virtual memory settings in accordance with Step 4. Once you have made your settings, click the "Set" button. Windows will ask you to reboot. Once you do, your virtual memory settings will be changed.

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