Saturday, March 27, 2010

increase your ram with out paying or buying anything- increase it virtually

Posted by Vishnureddy at 8:55 PM

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when ever we need to upgrade our ram there are some problems we usually face

like if the two slots already filled with 512 and 512 or 1 GB 1 GB rams,its hard to remove and get both 2 GB

or if your pc is 32 bit version you can not have more than 3 GB and for this you cant change whole board,so here is a technique to improve your ram virtually and increase speed of your pc 
follow below steps

Right click on My Computer Icon on Desktop
>> Go to Properties 

>> Go to Advanced 

>> Go to Performance - Settings 

>> Go to Advanced 

>> Go to Virtual Memory - Change

Keep the initial size same as recommended and maximum size double of it then restart your system.
It will improve speed of windows and you can play some games which require higher RAM.

Love to hear what you think! Thanks Would make us Smile :)

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