Sunday, June 13, 2010

4-2 2nd mid online bits

Posted by Ravva Vamsi at 1:06 PM

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4-2 CSE & IT(Mid2)

Management Science (MS)

E-Commerce (ECOM)

Digital Image Processing (DIP)

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Distributed Databases (DDB)

Network Management Systems (NMS)

4-2 ECE(Mid2) 

Optical Communications (OC)

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

Embedded Systems (ES)

4-2 EEE(Mid2)

Object Oriented Programming (JAVA)

Data Base Management Systems (DBMS)

Advanced Control Systems (ACS)

Software Engineering (SE)

4-2 MECH(Mid2)

Neural Networks and FuzzyLogic Systems (NNFL)

Interactive Computer Graphics(ICG)

Operating System Concepts(OSC)

Computer Organization and Architecture (COA)

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