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Information regarding excluding or leaving two subjects

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B.Tech course– Academic Regulations 2005 – Requirement of credit

B.Tech course – Academic Regulations 2005 – Requirement of credits - Some Clarifications – Regarding.

All the Principals of the affiliated
Engineering Colleges.


Sub: B.Tech. course – Academic Regulations, 2005 – Requirement of credits – Some Clarifications – Regarding.

As per the Academic Regulations of 2005 for B.Tech. (Regular) Degree Course, a student will be declared eligible for the award of the B.Tech. Degree if he fulfills the following:

(i) pursued a course of study for not less than four academic years and not more than eight academic years

(ii) registered for 224 credits and secured 216 credits with compulsory subjects as listed below:

(a)all the first year subjects
(b) all practical subjects (Labs)
(c) industry oriented mini-project
(d) seminar
(e) project work

In this connection, it may be noted that even if a student fails in two theory subjects or absents himself / herself for any two theory subjects, the student is eligible for the award of the B.Tech. Degree if he / she fulfills the academic regulations (i) and (ii), mentioned above.

For the students who have passed all the subjects for 224 credits, the Consolidated Marks Memos and the Provisional certificates will be dispatched to the concerned Colleges directly. Any student who failed in one theory subject or two theory subjects can also get his / her Consolidated Marks Memo and Provisional Certificate by submitting the enclosed Undertaking to the University through the concerned Principal.

Click the below link to download the official Notification & Under Taking Form.




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