Monday, October 11, 2010

Job Portals - Are they not working For You ? Where is the Wrong...

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Are U stinking that Job portals and Recruiters not responding for your e-mails, where is the wrong actually??
Most of the job portals before look into your resume they look at your cover letter.
Suppose you have an opportunity listed in Premium Job Portals like,, we click on Apply for this Job. For that found opportunity first step is to find who is looking after these Recruitments, assume that It is listed as Mrs. Savatri Das.
            Then if you include recruiter name in the Cover letter as Mrs. Savithri Das, then there are 90% chances that your resume will be shortlisted for further rounds like phone interview/Interview @ Office. Because he/she pays attention towards your resume, we Team did not reinvent this whole procedure. It is your basic concern to your Future Employer. This process for application would be done in case of Experienced Employees.
            One may negotiate that daily I apply for minimum 10 positions online, for all these finding Recruiters name is headache, then try to Shortlist your future Employer based on the job profile
·         Try to include your resume in both .PDF & .doc formats because .PDF is light weighted file, so recruiter go with .PDF file as It Loads faster and he/she can save about 2sec, your gained time will pay you in the form of your Shortlisted resume.

·         Before applying for any position try to do some research on Employer.

·         If you include some action Words/Phrases in your cover letter, Not necessarily saying that you should use lustrous words. Simple Action words could yield better results.

·         You can find sample Cover letters and Resumes with action words/Phrases on TG Freshers Google Groups and


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