Monday, October 25, 2010

New GRE Prep Material for 2010

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After a long time I'm making available some new study material for your GRE preparation needs. Remember a whole bunch of other stuff like Kaplan verbal Workbook, GRE Big Book etc are already available on this blog (find them using navigation on the right hand sidebar).

Here's the new stuff for you guys to download:

1. Peterson's Master The GRE 2009 - download here
Its an ebook, not highly rated like Barrons or Kaplan but not too bad either. CD rom not included.

2. Kaplan CD companion to the GRE - download here
This s a very useful CD for the students who are preparing for the GRE test…. I dont kno whether its the latest version but tiz for the current syllabus which s valid till September 2007, which means its still valid now because there have been no changes since then in the GRE syllabus.
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