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Resume Action Words & Phrases

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Action words can be used to introduce good resume phrases
Employers today want to know concrete things about you and what you can produce. Most resumes today are filled with empty generalizations. By beginning sentences with action words, you are showing employers you are capable of tactical strategic thinking and have proven results. Here are some action words and phrases to get you started:

Using Action Words/Verbs

Action words can be used to introduce good resume phrases. Here are some suggestions for selecting words and phrases.

• Use action words in short, clearly written phrases.

• Use the minimum number of words necessary to convey accurate information.

• Select words that will mean something to the person who will read your resume.

• Avoid introductory phrases such as “my duties included” or “I was in charge of.”

• List accomplishments whenever possible rather than just describe duties.

• Always keep the needs of your employer in mind.

This chart demonstrates using action words to create an accomplishment-oriented word picture. Basic duties and responsibilities are described in the first column. The second column changes these passive phrases into active statements. The third column includes accomplishment-oriented results.

Action words can be used to introduce good resume phrases 


For The Total List Goto Google Docs, use your Google account to access Google Docs Below.

Example Phrases to be used with your Resume in Description
1.  Supplemented with One day workshop on Robotics/Cloud Computing. 
2.  Downsized the delays caused with the help of New Architecture and achieved
better Loading time/Manufacture time
3.  Try different variations with the available words ☺ 
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