Monday, October 11, 2010

Sample Resume Action words/Phrases for Cover letters and Resume

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            Most of the resumes we scrutiny look like they are literally not enough grown for Resume Preparation OR lack of proper Inputs from the Placement Dept. Of College.
            Typically we describe Technical skills in Following Format.

·        95% of the Resume use this famous format, It can be much better if you use some Action Phrase here, Let’s look at various action Phrases for your Resume. You should try your own combination with the available words in Google Docs TG Freshers.

·         Well equipped with data Transport, Storing concepts of XML.

·         Good handling errors in C, C++.

·         Updated with new versions of JDK

·         Supplemented with One day workshop on Robotics/Cloud Computing.

·         Downsized the delays caused with the help of New Architecture and achieved better Loading time/Manufacture time

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