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GUIDELINES FOR POSTER PRESENTATIONS,Poster Planning, Poster Presentations

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The following information is designed to serve as a guideline to the design, development, and presentation of a poster at a local, state, regional, national, and/or international professional meeting.
The Purpose of a Poster Presentation
The main purpose of a poster presentation is to visually communicate your findings to a group of interested professionals. A poster presentation provides a format that enables the researcher to demonstrate work in progress, new research results, preliminary findings, and/or ideas. As an alternative format, poster presentations serve the same purpose(s) as an oral presentation, namely the dissemination of research findings to a professional audience.
Poster presentations also afford the author(s) the opportunity to engage in informal conversations with interested viewers and obtain immediate feedback about their work. During the actual poster presentation the viewers are not “read to” but actually “view” the poster in close physical proximity to the author(s). This close proximity allows for a conversational exchange of ideas.

  • Planning Your Poster
  • Preparing a Poster Presentation (allow 4-6 weeks of time and effort)
  • Pretest Your Poster Once it is Constructed
  • Other Considerations
  • Presenting Your Poster
  • Tips for Travel
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