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How to find ” What’s Common Between Two Facebook Users”

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hello every one ,
as we know that Facebook displays mutual friends between our friend and us when we visit their profile , that gives little information about our friendship.
Now facebook extended this feature by introducing friendship pages, in which it will show common things happened between you and your friend or any third party, may be your friend of friend or any one else.
indanam whats common between two users 

There are some profiles in which friendship pages are not enabled, for them you can use the following url to explore the friendship

Replace user1 and user2 with their  Facebook Profile usernames and or id’s .

indanam whats common between two users (2)

Facebook says that you will be able to see a friendship page if you are friends with one of the people and have permission to view both people’s profiles. That means, you can also view friendship of a stranger also

example: I am connected with pradeep who in turn is a friend of ChingYa of Facebook.

Therefore, my friendship page with padeep will be available at’id while a URL will display list of Facebook friends and likes common to both pradeep and chingya.

indanam whats common between two users (1)

we have no worries about privacy, if you want to keep your friendship private you can do the following action.
Go to Account -> Privacy Settings and click “View Settings” navigate to Basic Directory Information section. Set the visibility settings of “See my friend list” and “See my interests and other Pages” to “Friends Only” and now strangers, even with one-degree of separation, will not be able to see your data through Friendship pages.

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