Friday, February 25, 2011

How to find Hidden cameras in dressing rooms

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How to find hidden cameras?
1. Take some time to search for any tiny holes or suspicious products in the room.
  • Switch off lights and look for any pin hole 'red lights' are flowing in the room. You can also look for any suspicious wires but any how wireless cams are cheaply available in the market. 
  • Switch of AC/fan and look for any 'click' sound in the room. Some cams make noise while capturing videos.

2. Make a phone call.
  • While you make phone calls, hidden cams with microphone could make noise. 

3. If you still think that you are being watched in hidden cams, buy 'Camera Detector'

These detectors detect the RF signal from a wireless camera or the oscillator frequency radiated by a wired camera.

Hidden cameras can be quickly and easily detected with this light weight, battery powered device that is easy to use. An array of ultra bright lights provide the lens reflection necessary to detect hidden cameras.
Operation is simple and can easily be perfected with little practice by the user, simply place the SpyFinder® up to the eye and depress the button to activate the bright LEDs. By scanning any room slowly practically any hidden camera can be found.
It can be used in any bedroom, living room, bathroom, hotel room, mall bathroom, any room that may have a hidden camera.

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