Saturday, March 5, 2011

Create and Use Custom Keyboard Shortcut in Google Chrome

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Keyboard shortcuts are very important and useful asset to ease our daily work. Developers work very hard to provide the best and most useful keyboard shortcut to our fingertips but many a times that is not enough.
If you are a Google Chrome fan, you can now configure custom keyboard shortcuts to simplify your daily browsing.

Creating the very first custom shortcut

  1. Download and install Shortcut Manager Extension for Google Chrome.
  2. Once You have installed the extension call its setting panel using the icon located the URL bar.
  3. In the left hand side panel click on “Add a new shortcut”.
  4. Now in the right hand panel configure the Shortcut key, URL pattern and Action to be taken.
  5. Once you are done just click the save button.
There are lots of Action or Events present in the plugin to choose from thus making it a complete shortcut key manager.

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