Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hack RapidShare Time Limit

Posted by Unknown at 10:21 PM

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Downloading from RAPIDSHARE often becomes a headache due to the time delay for FREE downloaders!!!
Do as follows : 
>> Click a Download link for Rapidshare !
>> Click the Free button on Rapidshare Page !

>> Now as usual the timer starts !!!
>> Now, go to the address box of your browser. (Address Box
>> Where you type the websites !)
 Erase the link written in it
>> In the address box type: javascript:alert(c=1)
>> Click OK on the alert box that arises. >> NO WAITING.........ENJOY...

NOTE:If you are BSNL Subscriber then disconnect your broadband connection and reconnect.This facilitates your ip change thereby you can download immediately without waiting for 15 min from rapidshare.

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