Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Control Area Network using RS-485 protocol

Posted by Anonymous at 11:09 PM

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Control Area Network using RS-485 protocol

Abstract: Abbreviated CAN, a serial bus network of microcontrollers that connects devices, sensors and actuators in a system or sub-system for real-time control application. There is no addressing scheme used in controller area networks, as in the sense of conventional addressing in networks (such as Ethernet).
All the industries are provided with a single security control room that receives the graphic interface of the place, implemented with security system in the form of map showing the interior layout.  We are designing this project because of its centralization feature and it can give effective performance in any environment. Intercom and security project have been designed and operated effectively but they will never centralize with each other. Our project has the unique combination of security intercom system. Our project is the most demanding system of today. This has great future value. 


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