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How To Score High Marks in University Examinations?

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The below given key points will gain you the good marks in jntu final exams. These points are gathered from my experience and also my friends experience and we finally got out with distinction without any single backlog from first to last year.

I hope these points will help you a lot for gaining the good marks in your final exams.

  • The main key point in the final exams is your HAND WRITING. If your hand writing is good then no problem if not then try to write the words clearly and make sure to keep 3 space gap between each word. Try to avoid making mistakes as the evaluator shouldn’t get irritated with your paper.
  • Another key point is PRESENTATION. It plays vital role in evaluation. along with neat hand writing presentation is also important. Try to write in a point wise manner and write them correctly don’t bluff in the points as it may give bad impression.
  • Another important point is DIAGRAMS. Most of the subjects in all branches have diagrams, so draw the diagram first before writing the theory part. The diagrams should be neat and clear so that it is clearly understood. Most of the marks can be scored in diagrams only.
  • If the diagram is too big then draw it in another page instead of drawing in remaining space left in the previous page.
  • Use a good pencil to draw the diagrams and do some ruff work before drawing it on the original location to avoid the scratches as well as to improve neatness.
  • Some questions doesn’t have diagrams we don’t find any diagrams in our text books or materials so for that kind of questions from the answer that you know try to develop a diagram or figure so that the complete diagram portraits the whole answer. So that the evaluator doesn’t concentrates much on your theory part.
  • If the answer contains any equations then try to write the equations separately in the next line and if possible draw a box over it using a pencil.

For programming languages:
  • Most the questions will be given on programs instead of theory. For these type try to write the program clearly. It is better to confirm the program by doing ruff works if you are not sure about the program.
  • Try to write the program from the next page if you at the end of the previous page.
  • Make sure that your program ends with minimum number of lines.
  • For theory type questions use flow chart representations along with theory and try to give example program to fetch good marks.

Tips for gaining pass marks in your exams:
  • We can’t expect how the JNTU paper comes. Some times students who prepares well will also unable to answer the questions. But don’t fear here are some tips
  • If you don’t know any of the questions or if you are seeing that type of questions first time just read the question carefully you will find some known words from that question try to write answer on those words as much as possible.
  • Don’t write more number of pages from 40 fill at least 30 to 35 but don’t write below 15
  • The answer should be written at least 3-5 pages
  • Your handwriting should be neat and clear
  • In programming languages try to write a related program which you know.
  • Figures are important in the answers, try to figure out the answer and make sure to draw clearly and neatly.
  • Don’t leave the paper without writing anything , try to write any related matter on that questions so that you may fetch at least pass marks.

I think all these points will gain you good marks

Love to hear what you think! Thanks Would make us Smile :)

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