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CAT vs MAT-Difference between CAT n MAT

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CAT vs MAT :

But there is a qualitative difference. CAT - affiliated B - schools are ranked a tad higher than the  

MAT - affiliated ones. The CAT, which is administered by Indian Institutes of Management, is also 

accepted as the qualifying exam by about 20 other institutes, other than IIMs. In contrast, the 

MAT is a relatively new test, administered by the All India Management Association (AIMA), for 

other institutes. Though very few students in metropolitan cities appear for the MAT, most 

students in smaller towns try to adopt a combined strategy for cracking both, the CAT and the 

MAT, in hope of making it at least to one exam. The CAT is generally held on the last Sunday of 

November and MAT on the first Sunday of December every year.There are structural variations 

between the CAT and MAT papers. In sections on Quantitative Aptitude and Data interpretation 

the main difference pertains to the level of difficulty as well as the types of questions asked. The 

MAT is more formula - based while the CAT is entirely application - based. Therefore, the strategy 

for MAT should be to rely entirely on the "Frequently Asked Questions" given in reputed 

publications. Since the MAT seldom springs surprises, the section tests that one takes while 

preparing for the CAT would suffice. A student with average aptitude, comfortable with concepts, 

will get through the MAT, but you need to have an analytical bent of mind to crack the CAT. In 

the English section also there are variations. In the MAT paper, the emphasis is on facts - the 

stress is on grammar through analogies like match the following and fill in the blanks. But in the 

CAT paper, questions are inference - based like sentence structuring, the logic behind creating 

paragraphs, understanding the assumptions made in the passage, etc.In the CAT, time 

management plays a very crucial role for if you are able to crack 80-90 percent of the questions 

of a section, it would be considered a very good attempt. At the same time, there is virtually no 

pressure of time while cracking the MAT.

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