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Cheap International Calls From Rebtel

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Rebtel is a mobile VoIP call back service. With Rebtel you give them the phone number of a friend in another country, and we give you a local number for them. You then save this number on your mobile so you can call your friend whenever you want, for a fraction of your normal international rate. Now, if your friend also has Rebtel, you can call each other for absolutely free. First, call your friend on their Rebtel number. Then, ask your friend to call you back. Tell them to use the number shown on their phone screen. From there, stay on the line. In a few seconds your friend will join you back on the call.
Making international call from mobile phone have become a cinch thanks to modern voip technology. Today, calling through regular landlines has become overpowered with personal computers and downloadable applications from the internet. Doing it the old fashioned way is no longer recommended for those who wish to converse with their acquaintances abroad since the process may require too much effort and may need you to spend extra. With the internet, all you need is a connection and you’re on your way.

Unfortunately, even with the wonders of technology, not everyone is able to employ its use. This is because not everyone is internet savvy and even, computer literate. These applications may be too overwhelming or too complicated for them to use; or worse, not many have an access to an internet connection. After all, connecting and logging in can be a feat if you’re a newbie. You have to pay extra to get a connection running. Then you’d have to download and install programs. This may be too stressful for a regular person.

Well, good news because now, there’s a method to make long distance calls without enduring lengthy and complex preparations. That’s what Rebtel wishes to avoid. It’s a mobile Voice over IP (VoIP) company that offers low rates for international calls and does not require any computers, additional software or internet connections to do so. They provide nothing but simple methods in making international phone calls by means of mobile phones and carriers.

As mentioned, all it takes is the use of a mobile phone and a few seconds of your time. The process is very simple to the point that anyone who owns one can gain access to it. Basically, it works like this: if you wish to contact a friend or a relative overseas, give Rebtel their phone number and the company will provide you a local number which you can call. With that you can redial and make direct calls as much as you like.

With this new local number, you can now gain the means to call internationally by only paying for a cheap price. All you have to do is register with them to get your permanent Rebtel number. You do the initial registration by logging on to the website but after that everything can be done through your mobile phone. Whether your friend or relative has a mobile phone or a landline, they’ll be given a Rebtel number which they will have to save.

Rebtel has been serving the people since 2006 and was founded by Hjalmar Winbladh and Jonas Lindroth. The locale of the company is in Sweden and has other offices in Stockholm and Luxembourg. The two created Rebtel with the concept of breaking the international boundaries by making intercontinental calls similar local ones. By using the number given to them, they can enjoy unlimited phone conversations with the price of regular phone calls.

The mobile VoIP technology that Rebtel uses is actually different from those that regular phone networks and companies employ. Although these mobile providers promise to connect people with others through their services which enable long distance calls, they seem to charge high rates to gain profit. Rebtel, on the other hand, gives callers the chance to make their international calls at a very cheap price. In fact, they boast some of the world’s cheapest phone call rates.

Today, Rebtel’s area of coverage are not only limited to Sweden but has made its way all over Europe, the United States, Africa, Australia and even Asia. Even so, they are continuously expanding in order to cater to the needs of people who wish to establish means of communications with their friends and relatives. This also goes the same for businesses who need to stay connected with their affiliates across the globe.

Apart from making direct calls, with your Rebtel number, you’ll be able to make Smart Calls. These are calls which you can use to call others who are within Rebtel countries. With this, you don’t have to pay any fee because it’s free. All operations for Rebtel can actually be done through the phone. You can add friends, connect people, check your balance and even change your PIN. At the same time, you can ask for assistance by checking with their Rebtel operators.

The rates depend on the country you are calling and are all paid in US Dollars. Unfortunately, although Rebtel may give you the chance to make calls through SMS activation, it does not offer SMS and instant messaging services. It does not require the use of computers, internet or downloading. Even the cheapest phone can be used in order to use Rebtel. All those who wish to test their services are given a trial period. Afterwards, they can choose to register or not.

Many have been witness to the efficiency of Rebtel VoIP. Aside from their affordable international call rates, Rebtel offers good voice quality and clear reception without disruptions for their customers. A number of people continue to take note of the convenience they provide because they can instantly apply it without requiring the use of extra gadgets or applications. Regardless of the fact that the company’s website does not receive much traffic, more and more people have began to make use of the company’s services in order to call abroad.


So what's the final verdict about the services offered by Rebtel? To sum it all up, Rebtel has an industry reputation of being one of the best VoIP Provider. That's proof enough of their extensive experience in the field in providing excellent VoIP services to their clients. Next, when it comes to the price value – you can rest assured that their package is feature-packed with almost everything that you need to start using VoIP service. Their control panel is easy to use and packed with value added and bonus features. With Rebtel, you can make calls from pc to phone. When it comes to their customer service support – their waiting time is among the lowest in the industry – which just goes to show how committed they are in making sure that the needs of their customers are satisfied to the fullest. When you combine all of these with the 99.9% uptime guarantee and anytime money back guarantee you can safely say that Rebtel is one of the best VoIP Provider companies there is today. We strongly believe you will be satisfied with them.

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