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cool tips for using browser

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  • Adding Favorites in Internet Explorer,chrome :
    While viewing the site, hold CTRL and press D to add it to your favorites.
  • Search in Internet Explorer,chrome :
    To Open the IE search utility use CTRL and E.
  • Searching On A Webpage Using Find in Internet Explorer,chrome :
    To Open the FIND box to search the current document use CTRL and F.
  • History in Internet Explorer,chrome :
    To Open the History utility use CTRL and H.
  • New Browser Window in Internet Explorer,chrome :
    To Open a new Explorer window use CTRL and N.
  • Refresh in Internet Explorer,chrome :
    Press the F5 key.
  • Free up Screen Space in Internet Explorer,chrome :
    Want to view more of the screen? Get rid of toolbars by pressing the F11 key. To return the toolbars, press F11 again.
  • Text Size in Internet Explorer,chrome :
    Text too small to read. Click Edit...Text Size and choose large or larger to increase the size.
  • Screen Capture
    Want to capture what you're viewing on screen? Press the Prnt Scrn (Print Screen) key on the keyboard and open Word or PowerPoint. Click Edit...Paste (Ctrl + V).
  • Hold Ctr while using the scroll on the mouse wheel and enlarge the text. Holding Shift while using the scroll on the mouse wheel acts as the back arrow button in Internet Explorer.
F3Toggle on/off search panel.
F4Pull down address bar.
F5Refresh current page.
F6Move focus to address bar.
F11Toggle on/off full-screen mode
Alt + (Left Arrow)Go back on history. Same pas Backspace
Alt + (Right Arrow)Go forward on history.
Ctrl + ASelect All.
Ctrl + BFavorites.
Ctrl + CCopy Selected.
Ctrl + ESearch panel.
Ctrl + FFind (on page).
Ctrl + HToggle History panel.
Ctrl + IToggle Favorites panel.
Ctrl + LOpen File. Same as Ctrl + O
Ctrl + NOpen New browser window.
Ctrl + PPrint current page / frame.
Ctrl + RRefresh. Same as F5
EscStop (while page is loading).
Ctrl + EnterAuto complete a url address. For example, type thecomputricks in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get
Ctrl + DAdd the current page to favorite.

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