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Exclusive opportunity to prove yourself as a potential student in campus selections

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Yes has decided to add Guest post writers from various fields of Btech and mtech .
  • Being a guest author for add weight to resume as you know.
  • we can certify you as Technical/non technical Guest post writer for btechbunks which you can add in your resume.
  •  we can add up to 50 guest posts writers from 1000's of applications we receive.
  • Every guest author of will be given a custom email address which looks like
  • you can proudly say you are one of the author of in your campus selections which is a leading webstore for btech and mtech students .
  • Add your bio under every post you including your personal page/blog  links or facebook/linkdin profile links.
  • For non Btech and mtech students you can see other benefits of being guest post writer here

Topics accepted for guest posts :

1) windows , internet , virus removal,hardware and software troubleshooting techniques

2) all btech and mtech ,gre , toefl , gate ,cat ,gmat related materials like old question papers, study materials and textbooks etc.
 3) All useful posts in public interest

To avail membership : please mail your details with below requirements




experience or blogs you have:                                                                                                            

if no experience in blogging, you must write a demo post on any topic in your interest which satisfies above topics guidelines

if we are pleased with your performance we accept you as our author.
contact us:

First 100 emails are considered .we will feature best author of month every time.includes rewards for successful full time authors

Love to hear what you think! Thanks Would make us Smile :)

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