Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Download youtube video in any format?

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We used to download Youtube Videos online using various online tools. They are very large files. If you want to get the video in your mobile them you first download in FLV or MP4 format and then convert it into 3GP to view.

But now I am going to tell about an online too where you can convert and download youtube videos directly to any format as you wish.

The name of the tool is zamzar.com

This is a tool to convert files from many formats to many. This can also be used to convert and download youtube videos as well to any format.

Here is the image explaining the process of downloading youtube videos to any format as you like.

The list of formats in which you can convert are

3gp – 3GPP Multimedia File
aac – Advanced Audio Coding File
ac3 – AC3 Audio File
avi – Windows video file
flac – Free Lossless Audio Codec
flv – Flash Video
ipad – MPEG-4 Video File
ipod – MPEG-4 Video File
mov – Apple QuickTime Movie
mp3 – Compressed audio file
mp4 – MPEG-4 Video File
mpg – Moving Picture Experts Group File
ogg – Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio File
wav – Windows audio file
webm – Multimedia Container Format
wmv – Windows Media File (Microsoft Corporation) any many more.

Now no need to download large videos and covert. Just convert online using ZAMZAR.com

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