JNTU Kakinada
I B.Tech II semester
English Model paper
Common to all branches
Time: 3 hours
Max marks: 75
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks
  1. a . Draft an email to your friend advising her on health tips to be taken on a tour she is going

on in the near future. 10 marks

b. Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions 5 marks
i Things were different _____ I was young.
i.Things were different when I was young.
ii I do it _____ I like it.
ii.I do it because I like it.
iii Let us wait here _____ the rain stops.
iii.Let us wait here until the rain stops.
iv You cannot be a lawyer _____ you have a law degree.
iv.You cannot be a lawyer unless you have a law degree.
v That was years _____ years ago.

2. a. Write a situational dialogue between a Red Cross Volunteer and an earthquake victim. 10 marks

b. Fill in the blanks with appropriate quantifiers –many, more,fewest,much,most 5 marks
There are _____ people in Poland, _______ in India, but the _____ people live in China. The country with the ______ people per square kilometre must be Australia._______ research is conducted on this.

3. a. Due to recent floods in Nellore, some of the families became refugees and were in the care of your voluntary service organization. Write a Report on the situation and the help extended to them. 10 marks

b. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. 5 marks
i He left _____ home without informing anyone.
ii There is _____ box of sweets on _____ table
i.He left the home without informing anyone.
ii.There is a box of sweets on the table.
iii Do you need _____ degree in Economics or _____ degree in finance to be a better manager?
iii.Do you need a degree in Economics or a degree in finance to be a better manager?
iv When we arrived, she went straight to _____ kitchen and started to prepare _____ meal for
iv.When we arrived, she went straight to the kitchen and started to prepare a meal for us.
v He has _____ cut on his leg and _____ bruise on _____ chin.

  1. a. Write an essay in about 400- 500 words on “Advantages and disadvantages of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food” 10 marks

b. Give the Synonyms of the following 5marks
reduce, essential, conviction, summit, truce

5. a. What are the factors that are helpful in preparing Power Point Presentation? Prepare a PPT in 6
slides about your favourite sports person. 10 marks

b. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions 5 marks
i His house looks _____ a temple.
i.His house looks like a temple.
ii How many _____the members will join the trip?
ii.How many of the members will join the trip?
iii Don't lean that ladder _____ the wall.
iii.Don't lean that ladder against the wall.
iv I don't usually feel tired _____ the morning.
iv.I don't usually feel tired in the morning.
v Have you heard anything _____ him yet?

6. a. Discuss in a situational dialogue with your friend the strategies that are helpful in eliminating
stress. 10 marks.
b. Punctuate the given set of sentences. 5 marks
i. did you go to school today
ii. what a beautiful day
iii. I like noodles pizza burger etc
iv. This is sureshs pen
v. I dont know your name

7 a. What is the role of team work, motivation and commitment in the life of a sportsman? What is
the importance of the above in a job ambience. 10 marks.

b. Fill in the blanks with appropriate exclamations 5 marks
  1. _______ what a great game.
  2. _______ you came just in time
  3. You won the competition._________
  4. _______I lost your pen
  5. __________ is it true?

8 a. You are the Chairman of NHAI. Write a letter responding to the appeal made by the ministry of road transportation about preventing the disruption of traffic on account of damages to road and bridges during natural disasters. 10marks

b. Match the words with phrases 5 marks
  1. Easily a.on the middle stump
  2. Stand b.on the wicket
  3. Applied c.into my body
  4. Bowl d. off the pads
  5. Depending e.them to my batting
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