Sunday, May 22, 2011

Repair Your Laptop at Club Laptop

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Club Laptop is Laptop Repairing Corporation started in India and It have about 50 branches including a branch in Orissa.What do you do If your laptop breaks down or your LCD goes off. You probably go to a reparing center and tell them to repair and they take a huge amount to repair it and you give them the amount. And in some case the repair shopkeeper takes some original parts and replaces it with duplicate item. We were unaware about those things.

Now you never need suffer further because Clup Laptop is here. Repair your Laptop at club laptop and pay a reasonable price for it.Club Laptop is an initiative from a printer cartridge company which have about
100 branches in 70 different cities.

Recently club laptop have opened a branch at Orissa.
The contact detail of Orissa Branch is-

Club Laptop

101 Saheed Nagar,


Orissa – 751007.

Phone no- 90901 88090
From today if your laptop goes out them go to club laptop for repairing it.

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