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5 Simple Tips to Speed up your WIFI Connection

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Nowadays everyone has a wireless connection at home,college or office.But not all of us are getting most out of routers.Here are few tips which will help you
Most people leave their their PC's wireless setting as default,which is not always optimal.Instead change the settings whatever sounds faster ,each manufacturer has a different setting differently.For example
1.Roaming:This setting determines how often your card will look for new networks,in order to try and connect to the one with strongest signal.In a home setup this should be set lowest setting possible.
2.Power:Unless you are bothered about battery life,set this to the setting that uses highest battery life

Download in SSIDer from Meta Greek and run it on a laptop.This will list all of the channels that other people's routers are broadcasting on.find the most unused channel and set your router to use that channel.In city buildings ,where a lots of people have wireless,certain channels(usually channels set to default )can get congested,this will slower the network speeds.

Don't make everything connect wireless.The fewer devices connected to the router the
speeder the connection is. 

You can use in SSIDer to also test the placement of the router in your home or office.The best way to do is to walk around with your laptop ,look at the signal strength in the areas.Maximum signal strength translates to better throughput performance.

Update 2014 - Dec -14 - Author: Vishnu
Changing with the new technologies, try using 5 GHZ frquency instead of using 2.4 GHZ regular frequncy.
For this you need to update your router. Most of the routers available in market arenow supporting 5GHZ frequency and the new laptops and mobile devices are also coming with a hardware capability of using 5GHZ frequency. This will increase your speed dramatically without any doubt. There are several reasons for that, I will quote few here.
  1. Noise is reduced in 5GHZ. This will provide faster data rates, fewer disconnects, and a more enjoyable experience.
  2. Bluetooth and other wireless peripherals aren’t going to bother you in the 5GHz spectrum so there’s less interference. Microwaves don’t operate up here (not even newer ones), so that source of noise is eliminated, too. 
  3. Your neighbhour's wifi tramissions wont bother your wifi router with frequncy interference which will eventually keep your router out of hustle.  
These are few of the advantages of using 5GHZ fequency over the older 2.4 GHZ.
 Hope you guys like these tips. Comment below if this article helped you.

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