Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar eclipse: The moon to show its darkest side today

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The longest and the darkest lunar eclipse will be seen today. This 100 minute long lunar eclipse will make craters and minor features of the moon visible from earth.

Wednesday(15/06/2011) night will be the darkest night of the century. India will witness the darkest lunar eclipse in the history of astronomical science today. Astronomers also consider it to be the longest. The lunar eclipse is expected to be about 100 minutes long. It will be a total lunar eclipse where the moon will be completely shadowed by the earth. The eclipse will last between 12.52 AM and 2.32 AM. Scientists at various research centres claim that the moon will not turn completely black. The shadow of the earth on the moon and the reflected light from the earth will make the moon look red. This will make many craters and minor features of the moon visible to the human eye.

This eclipse is the first of the two total lunar eclipses that were forecast for 2011. The previous darkest lunar eclipse took place four decades back, on Aug 6, 1971. The clouds can be a hindrance and make viewing the darkest eclipse a tough prospect. No special equipment or glasses are required to view the lunar eclipse. A clear sky is all you need. Astrologer predictions are on the rise. Some claim to chant “Mrityunjay Mantra “as two weeks before and after the eclipse are vulnerable to bad events. Scientists feel this eclipse should be viewed by children as it will nurture their knowledge buds. This lunar eclipse will be viewed all over the world except North America.

Some interesting views on lunar eclipse around the world-
In China, it is the dragon eating the moon, in Japan, it’s the earthquake, In India, it is bad for pregnant women, In Pakistan, it’s time for seeking forgiveness, In the Christian world, its the wrath of God.

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