Monday, June 20, 2011

Panini Keypad - sending messages in your native language

Posted by Anonymous at 11:50 AM

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Noida start up Panini Keypad breaking language barriers on mobile phones

A start-up company based in Noida is winning great praise from the world for doing what many IT giants have failed to do on mobile phones - break the language barrier !

Luna Egronomics , the company behind the innovation, Panini Keypad, has enabled its clients to type and send messages directly in their native language, using even a basic, under Rs 2000 phone.

The virtual keypad can either be downloaded to the phone from the company website or taken as a service through a value card. Once it is installed, they can begin the typing by using the phone keyboard to follow the character prompts appearing on the screen.

Although the keypad can work for any world language, the big benefits in this are for the Indians. Several of them who do not know English have now their first real chance to take a shy at texting!



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