Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sell Your Notes!!

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Notehall.com is an online document marketplace that enables students to buy and sell class notes online. Through our academic marketplace, both tutors and students have the ability to buy and sell study guides, share notes from lectures, buy and sell notes from class, share class documents, share reading notes and buy and sell outlines for any class subject imaginable. This can all be done simply through the click of a button. Serving as a motivational factor for our business, we have found that by letting college students supply additional study materials such as lecture notes, class documents, class notes and study guides to the marketplace, our website is able to enrich the academic success of students by helping them score better on tests, quizzes and exams.

Notehall is based on a credit system. College students and tutors are able to exchange their notes, course documents and other study tools while they earn real money! Students are rewarded for their academic success by getting paid to share their exceptional study materials with fellow classmates. Who provides the best notes? Review the notes, and study guides and decide for yourself! Welcome to the new way of sharing class notes- fairly and legally. Improve your grades, earn some cash, and start buying and selling your notes on Notehall today!

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