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world music day

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World Music Day, also known as Fete de la Musique, was a music festival that began in France in 1982. The idea was conceived by French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, in 1981. Since then June 21st has been celebrated every year as the World Music Day.

On this day, the musicians perform for free in open areas. Free concerts are organized in parks, museums, train stations, castles etc. This helps in making all sorts of music accessible to the public. It gives an opportunity to commune and share a special bond through music. There is no restriction for noise on this day.

The term ‘World Music’ includes both traditional as well as non-Western music. It is folk music of any culture, played by indigenous people. It is also a classical music along with traditional ethnic instruments. Some of them are – Japanese `Koto` music, Indian `raga` music, Tibetan `chants` and South African `township` music.
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World Music Day is celebrated in Argentina, Australia, Britain, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, China, India, Lebanon and several other countries. This is done to promote peace and spread goodwill through music. Musicians from across the world are also invited to perform on World Music Day.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.


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