Friday, July 8, 2011

Clevo's beastly 18.4-inch M980NU gaming laptop eyes-on

Posted by Vishnureddy at 1:02 PM

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 beastly 18.4-inch M980NU gaming laptop eyes-on

Ready for the duel of the 18.4-iM at CeBIT? Just yesterday we took a look at Acer's ginormous Aspire 8930, and today we popped in at Clevo's booth to snap a few shots of its mammoth M980NU. While the girth was impossible to not notice, the palm rest, keyboard and top control panel were downright ritzy. Yeah, the all-gloss finish was a fingerprint magnet, but we can't say it wasn't drop-dead sexy when wiped clean. Regrettably, we couldn't figure out how to get that incredibly annoying plastic lock thing off of the keys, so we can't personally verify whether this thing can handle the stresses of Quake I. Sorry, we tried. Clevo's beastly 18.4-inch M980NU gaming laptop eyes-on

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