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Cortado Workplace Mobile Cloud Computing Service

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 Cortado Workplace  is One of The Mobile Cloud Computing Service, This service not only provides online data penimpanan capacity of 2GB, but also supports a variety of mobile printing sperti document management and mobile fax. You can print the account through which the printer is online and has an IP address in the vicinity of where you are.
 Cortado Workplace is One of The Mobile Cloud Computing Service
cortado wrokplace cloud computing
Mobile Cloud computing service. Different documents in the account is divided into several categories, namely Local drive (files that exist on the tablet), Workplace (files saved in the account), and Cortado Mail (file attachment from an e-mail received). In addition you can also send any files in your account, as an e-mail with export facilities. More thrill this service provides client applications for mobile symibian which can be downloaded from the Ovi store in
Cortado Workplace Client for Symbian supports Symbian 60 3rd (Nokia E71, Nokia E72, Nokia E90), Symbian 5th edition (N97 and MusicXpress Series) and Symbian ^ 3 (Nokia N8). To be able to use cloud computing service is you must register first to get an account for free.

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