Friday, July 29, 2011


Posted by Vishnureddy at 9:37 AM

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Zynga recently launched Cityville Hometown, an attempt to bring the much-loved Cityville from Facebook to mobile platforms. It is true the game is a scaled down version of the original, but it can still hold its own and looks just as great.
As the name may suggest, Cityville Hometown is about building a small community rather than a huge bustling city. There is an increased emphasis on all the individual residents of your little town.
Players can pick and choose their residents and give them names and jobs. Meanwhile, the core gameplay still revolves around collecting rent, building houses and shops and so on.
Much like all of Zyngas other games, the social aspect of Cityville Hometown cannot be overlooked. Players can add friends via Facebook connect and tour their neighbour's towns once a day. Unlike its predecessor Hometown does not allow players to help out neighbours with crops etc.
Cityville Hometown is fun to play; a casual game you can drop in and out of at any time. Of course there is also the option of using premium (paid) game currency to speed things up for those who don't like to wait. The best thing about Cityville Hometown is that it's free and there isn't really anything you can complain about.

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