Friday, July 29, 2011

For fans of the hit game Batman: Arkham Asylam there is good news

Posted by Vishnureddy at 9:41 AM

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For fans of the hit game Batman: Arkham Asylam there is good news.The sequel, Batman: Arkham City edges closer with its scheduled release in October. With an exciting plot that follows directly from the Asylam's fallout and the same amazing gaming engine, this game promises to be a treat.
The game starts a year after the events of Arkham Asylam. Quincy Sharp has become mayor of Gotham. Both Blackgate and Arkham are damaged beyond use, so Sharp sections off the city slums and releases criminals within, containing rather than detaining them. Given free rein, they plan to execute Catwoman publicly. To prevent this Batman must break in. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn has been nursing the Joker back to health. Like its predecessor the game follows comic book mythos with a realistic gritty feel.
The game utilises many of the same elements as its predecessor, including the iconic Detective Mode, Freeflow combat system, and stealth takedowns. Unlike most sequels, the lead character starts with all of the gadgets and items obtained throughout the previous game. Many however are capable of increased functionality or improvements. Some of the franchisee's famous villains will also be making an appearance, The Riddler, Two face and Penguin to name a few.
With such a successful predecessor and an exiting new premise, Arkham City carries a great deal of promise.

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