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Free Download Road Rash – Classic PC Game ,review

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Free Download Road Rash – Classic PC Game

Road rash is one of the famous classic game developed and published by Electronics arts. It is one of the violence incorporated racing game loved by people of all age groups. Apart from racing, the game also provides various entertainment like kicking the opponent racer, hitting with base ball bat, police pursuit etc..
There are two modes available in this game, one is the Single player mode where you can race with different opponents and the other one is the tournament mode. You can also earn money by winning the tournament mode, which you can use to buy new and powerful bikes.
Free Download Road rash
The game includes five different location such as The City, The Peninsula, Sierra Nevada, The Napa Valley and The Pacific Highway. Each location is of different type and length of the tracks also varies accordingly. Once you process to the level 3 or more, the Nitro booster will be available for you. You can activate the nitro booster by pressing the ‘N’ button from the keyboard. Activating this Nitro booster will enable you bike move at a faster rate and it lasts only for few minutes.
Game Details:
Name Road Rash
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Papyrus Design Group
Year 1996
Platform PC

Method to get Free Download od Road Rash Game:
The free download of the Road rash game is available at the site The site requests you to sign for free, after you sign up scroll down and click the download link available at the bottom of the page. Happy Gaming!!!.

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