Friday, July 15, 2011

Future video gaming

Posted by Vishnureddy at 9:12 AM

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As you well know, video games will develop as new technologies are being introduced. It might just be a matter of time when current video games using joysticks, controllers or mouse and keyboard will give way to a more intuitive controls such as provided via a multi-touch screen. While you may think that such video games may still be afar off, here is a striking new video game called Fleet Commander that might just change today’s video gaming experience.
It is almost a no-brainer to say that a large-scale video game experience is better than small scale. Imagine having a large multi-touch screen that allows you to control a fleet of inter-galactic spaceships going to war and you will probably have the Fleet Commander. Actually this incredible new video game is just a project developed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) by Arthur Nishimoto, an MS student at the University of Illinois in Chicago. It is a real time multi-player space strategy game that allows players to control the spaceships and even command other ships inside them to go to war with the enemy.
The Fleet Commander game was developed for the TacTile touch screen display. It is similar to a Star Wars game, only made cooler by utilizing touchscreen controls as seen on this  video. Even the fact that it is being played on a large-scale display makes the experience all that incredible. Just imagine how video games like this will become quite common in the future. It will only take some time before some gaming company licenses the technology to make it possible.


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