Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google+ app ready for download now at this iTunes preview

Posted by Vishnureddy at 3:36 PM

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Google+ app for iPhone now available
As promised, the internet giant have outed the iOS version of the circles-loving social networking Google+ app ready for download now at this iTunes preview. In an Engadget update, “Google’s Punit Soni notes that there was a small issue that initially caused a test version of the app to to be served from the App Store. If you grabbed the app as soon as it was available (within the first hour and 40 minutes, specifically), you’ll likely have to re-download it to get the current version (” Unfortunately, the application don’t support iPod touch and iPad platform. If you have already using the Android version of this app, there might be no learning curve as it made almost same main stream view, sharing via Circles and Huddle group messaging. If you want to give it a try rolling your Circles, check out the iTunes preview until it made available at the App Store later on

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