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Google has indeed move beyond its core business of advertising and Internet research into a more competitive and demanding mobile gadgets. Google is recently offering books, maps, email, chat, latitude, wireless software and now adding to its list is a Tablet. Yes, Google is planning to release its own version of Tablet PC similar with the iPad or HP Slate.
In an interview conducted by Wall Street Journal, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam says that his company is now working closely with Google on developing a new tablet computer, a new product that can be added to the archives of Google.
Google Google Tablet Powered By Verizon?
Google Inc. had said to be working hand in hand with Verizon Wireless to come up with their own version of tablet PC that will compete with the Apple iPad. Well, it looks like Google is really serious with leaving Apple behind in the mobile gadget arena just like what it did with the smartphones operating system’s market share where it ranked 2nd, a notch above Apple .
Google’s partner for the new tablet declined to elaborate further details. It is still a puzzle who will serve as Google’s hardware partner. HTC seems to be a likely candidate since it had already been involved with the Android Project. Verizon’s role in the whole deal has not been detailed on. Also, details such as the design, who will manufacture and manage the sales are still unknown. However, the new product is sure to attract a new pool of users.
Apple had recently released its iPad in the US and was able to sold a million of them in just 28 days. Apple had indeed created the market and now everybody has seen that it really is offering a big opportunity. Dell and Toshiba on the other hand are also beginning to develop their own tablets. Hewlett-Packard had also included itself in the race and bought Palm to use its patented technology
With this new planned project of Google, extensive research and developments are really needed to ensure that the coming of this new born device will really hit the market.

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