Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haptic Feedback to iPhone games Mophie Pulse

Posted by Vishnureddy at 2:26 PM

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Mophie Pulse gives Haptic Feedback to iPhone games

We have covered Mophie’s products many times before, and they are most famous for the Juice Pack. For those who don’t know, the Juice Pack is a battery cover for the iPhone that gives it some extra power when it is needed.
Mophie is working on another device that can improve the iPad’s performance, especially in the area of gaming. The Pulse is designed to house the iPhone, and it provides haptic feedback allowing the user to “feel the difference between hundreds of sensations”. There are also stereo speakers that boost and enhance sound.
I got a chance to try out the Pulse a while ago, and I believe that it was either in CES last January. I tried it out with Angry Birds, and it made destroying green pigs a more explosive experience. Considering that the mobile gaming platform is booming, it is nice to see something that makes the iPhone boom with it.
I was told that it was “coming soon”, and sadly, I am still hearing that. I think that one of the things that the Pulse could do is create some game controllers on the housing. Then the iPhone could be turned into a GameBoy, or a Super Game Boy that is better than the Super Game Boy.

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