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Posted by Vishnureddy at 8:05 PM

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Apple plans to release the IPAD takes 3 in 2012, with a much improved user interface technology. It ‘was the news that the iPhone will not see the production in May to almost unbearable in September? If so, be prepared. DigiTimes claims that Apple claims that the IPAD  3 “will not appear in the short term.” Open to interpretation of sound? It is not. To put it bluntly: “The current products are unlikely to appear in 2011.”

As a consolation prize, however, there are some rumors about the new specification IPAD 3. As a retinal display may be out of the picture, once more, there is speculation that Apple plans to use a “AMOLED panel or support Full HD resolution” for the tablet is coming. From the sounds of it, Apple is dedicated to providing superior image quality – which may constitute a conflict. AMOLED technology largely outside the control of Samsung, a producer who just happens to be a real competitor to Apple in the market for Tablet PC. That said, the Korean company has stopped selling Apple’s $ 7.8 billion the value of parts in the past.

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